Korean Gnocchi | Frankie Celenza


Today Frankie prepares Korean Gnoochi – spicy and flavorful rice cakes mixed with Italian sausage.


Sesame oil
1 cup hot italian sausage, out of casing
6 scallions, split and roughly choppped
sesame seeds
½ – 1 cup shiitake mushrooms, chopped
2 Tbsp tomato paste
Korean Rice cakes
1 bunch torn thai basil, or italian

in a food processor combine:
½ c white wine
1 heaping Tbsp gochujang
1 heaping Tbsp of miso
½ – 1 pear, roughly chopped
½ red onion


In a large heated non-stick skillet, add a bit of oil and add the crumbled, de-cased sausage.

Once the fat begins to render add the mushrooms and scallions.

In a food processor, add the gochujang, pear, red onion, miso, white wine and tomato paste and pulse until smooth. the mixture from the food processor and a whole bunch of basil leaves.

Add this mixture to the saute pan, and reduce this until relatively thick.
Boil the rice cakes [per package instructions], once boiled, add the rice cakes to the saute pan and try to get a golden crispy

Turn the heat up under the saute pan and add the cooked rice cakes, stir and allow the rice cakes to crisp up nicely and add the torn basil.
Plate and top with sesame oil & sesame seeds.