Sambal | Erwan Heussaff


Erwan heats things up with his own version of Southeast Asian spicy sambal chili paste. Sambal is used as a dip, condiment, sauce, base stock, and rub so it’s great to have on hand in the kitchen!



6 dried chilies (soaked)
3 fresh chilies
3 cloves of garlic
5 tablespoon of coconut milk
2 teaspoon of tamarind paste
1 shallot (sliced)
20g of anchovies
Salt and sugar to taste
Oil to fry


In a food processor, add 6 dried chilies (soaked), 3 fresh chilies, 3 cloves of garlic, 5 tbsp of coconut milk, 2 tsp of tamarind paste, 1 shallot (sliced) and 20g of anchovies. Blend well.

Then heat oil in a sauté pan and add the mixture. Cook for 5 minutes. Add salt and sugar to taste. Allow mixture to start to caramelize. When the sambal starts to separate nicely, it is ready to move to a serving dish.

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